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21/03/2014 06:33
20/03/2014 18:47
During English lessons we shooted a short movie. Before we prepare it to be released, here you have a trailer. Enjoy.  
03/03/2014 17:36
Dále najdete zamyšlení paní učitelky Babkové. Napište nám i vy, co si o třídění myslíte.  Odpad a zase Odpad Co se s odpadem dá dělat? Můžeme ho třeba někam schovat. Vždyť  těch skládek už všude máme. Tak co další založit? Co na ní dáme? Pomalu si na ně zvykáme. Stávají se součástí...
26/02/2014 12:41
... for our friends to understand them, too. :-) Find in Litter Less Czech republic.  
26/02/2014 11:55
Hi! My name is Jessica Ruskauff. I am 12 years old and I live in Geneseo NY. This is "The bronze bear memorial fountain" in the middle of Main St. This is the front of our school!!! This is our science class out in the woods looking at animal prints!!! IT'S SPIRIT WEEK!!! This is just some of...
26/02/2014 11:47
Hi, we are sending you a postacard from Čakovice.  
26/02/2014 11:27
We would like to teach our students how to separate and show that it makes sense. Separate or not?  Separation makes sense
26/02/2014 11:23
The results og our survey showed that we are bad in ...
26/02/2014 11:22
The results of our survey showed that we are good in ...
26/02/2014 11:18
Merry Christmas.  
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