We are burying different trash to see what decomposes.


First step - analysis

Waste accompanied mankind since the development of material culture. Unlike in the past we produce a lot of waste and the waste is difficult to return to natural cycles. If we deal with waste in  the 21st century we must manage different waste strategies.

The next step in our Litter Less project is to survey the school and think about where waste goes in our school. You will interview either Mr. Curtin, Mrs. Elliot or Mrs. Hodgeman and maybe some others. For homework instead of studying for the next test you should read these questions.  This way during the period when the test is given, you will be doing an interview. Some of the questions may not apply to each person interviewed. If that is the case then you just put NA for not applicable. After the interview, make a copy of this document, share it with me and then fill it in.  As part of the interview you need to take some pictures of litter, waste or recycling. So be sure to remember to ask me for a camera.  I will share the document to the other class.

Eventually our class and the class in the Czech Republic will take  look at our surveys and design a project that should help with waste in the school. More on the next steps later.  The form below is also used by the students in the Czech Republic.

The results and your ideas are here.



Let's start

Welcome to our Litter less Project. We will be doing a year long project jointly with a class from the Czech Republic. This assignment is to give you a quick overview of what that project is about. Here is a brief description of the project. 
In November we will be studying Geneseo School to see what is done with litter, what do we mean by litter and where does it go. In December we will come up with a program to do something about litter and then execute that plan with a wrap up by May. What makes this more exciting is that we will be also communicating with a class in the Czech Republic. They will be doing a litter project as well and we will share information.